IONTEC is a Monegasque company working at the crossroads between nutrition, health, and beauty fields. By selecting sustainable and innovative raw materials, we provide patented and science-based ingredients to ensure consumer safety and high-performance efficacy.
IONTEC is EXSYMOL’s exclusive worldwide distributor for nutraceutical ingredients.

Active ingredients


Vitality & Strength

To give the best from nature, a specific mode of harvest has been developed to concentrate its Chondrus Crispus in energy metabolites:

  • Concentrated in a unique dipeptide L-Citrullyl - L-Arginine and in its metabolites for an optimal bioavailability & efficacy
  • Natural & outdoor cultivated in extreme conditions without pesticides
  • Helps to boost vitality & energy

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Collasil® MS HC

Bone & Joints Health

To give the best against connective tissue ageing, a unique patented synergistic combination of organic silicon (MMST) & marine collagen has been developed:

  • High bioavailability without the polymerization issues
  • High concentration powder: 2% Si, easy intake compared to liquid form
  • Provides silicon & collagenic amino acids, the 2 main essential ingredients of connective tissue structure and regeneration

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Collasil® OSA

Skin & hair beauty

To give the best against skin, hair, & nail ageing, an unique, patented reaction of orthosilisic acid (OSA) stabilized with hydrolyzed marine collagen has been developed:

  • Biological advantages of natural OSA: high bioavailability & affinity, without polymerization issues
  • Concentrated powder: 1.5% si, easy to formulate
  • Provides silicon & collagen amino acids, the 2 main essential ingredients of connective tissue structure & regeneration

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Detox & Digestive Comfort

To give the best for body detoxification, iontec has developed a unique association of 2 natural ingredients: Desmodium Adscendens leaves (Totum) from African traditional medicine and Lithothamniun, red alga from cold European seas.

  • Natural origin, no denaturing treatment
  • Unique patented association (steatosis prevention)
  • Proven efficacy on liver detoxification
  • Effective with only 1050 mg/day

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Global Anti-ageing

To give you the best against glycation,

  • 2 complementary activities: anti-glycation + anti-oxidant
  • Thanks to decarboxylation of carnosine, the obtained dipeptide carcinine - is resistant to degradation
  • Superior bioavailability for superior efficacy1

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Bone & Joints Health

To give the best against bone & joint ageing, an innovative synergistic association of Organic Silicon & Phosphorus has been developed:

  • Bioavailable source of organic Silicon associated to Phosphorus for superior activity
  • Helps to reduce arthrosis symptoms & protect joint health
  • Helps to maintain bone density

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Iontec is an innovative company that always looks to the future in terms of how to optimise the health and beauty of men and women, while taking into consideration how to contribute to a sustainable planet. This includes selecting suitable business partners who also take care of nature and production processes, with the least impact possible on the environment. Together with partners who are aligned with our holistic strategy, Iontec aims to enable people to not only survive but thrive when it comes to their overall health.