Our purpose

The past years have witnessed quick evolution in humans' way of life, in which the demography and health of human populations have been deeply modified. Chronic diseases explosion, new pandemics, climate change consequences, ageing population… Today, maintaining people in good health is an everyday challenge.
The emerging health challenges pushed us to rethink our global approach to health, in which the nutritional approach is fundamental.
In Iontec we are determined to improve global health and promote health equity through research and advanced nutritional ingredients. Hence, we are deeply committed to answer these new challenges by supplying active ingredients to the nutrition, health and beauty industries, while meeting the higher standards in safety, quality, and efficacy in compliance with global regulatory requirements.

Our Company

Created in 2015, IONTEC is a Monegasque company intended to provide unique and patented functional, health and food ingredients to the nutrition, health and beauty industries. Our partnerships ensure that we provide the most advanced solutions to guarantee safety and efficacy. Exsymol, through a long body of studies and expertise, acquired unique and solid knowledge about Silicon technology allowing the company to develop high-efficacy based silicon ingredients. Nova Salus is specialized in the extraction of herbal medicines, ensuring protection from the starting raw material to the final products and guaranteeing ultimate performance.


At the forefront of innovation and as a expert in bioactive Silicium , EXSYMOL is a designer of high-quality ingredients.

Nova Salus

Nova Salus is specialized in the extraction of herbal medicines.

Our Expertise

Together with our partners, we offer customers premium active ingredients to meet the new challenges of the future, so that people can reach an optimal health and beauty and live their best life. Focusing on the best, sustainable raw materials, we deliver innovative ingredients for supplements and functional foods, with an optimal metabolism and high-performance results.