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Benefits: Global Anti-ageing

Vitality & Strength

To give you the best against glycation, IONTEC has developed a STABLE NATURAL CARNOSINE ANALOG 2 complementary activities: anti-glycation + anti-oxidant Thanks to decarboxylation of carnosine, the ...


Benefits: Detox & Digestive Comfort

Vitality & Strength

To give the best for body detoxification, iontec has developed a unique association of 2 natural ingredients: Desmodium Adscendens leaves (Totum) from African traditional medicine and Lithothamniun, ...


Benefits: Vitality & Strength

Vitality & Strength

To give the best from nature, a specific mode of harvest has been developed to concentrate its Chondrus Crispus in energy metabolites: Concentrated in a unique dipeptide L-Citrullyl - L-Arginine and ...