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Desmovit®, a combination of 2 natural ingredients from the earth & sea


Desmovit® is a nutraceutics mix of two natural ingredients: desmodium & lithothamnion. This mix is specially made to reduce the liver inflammation and side effects of rather toxic products like those found in chemotherapy ones or food.

Desmovit® is supported by a clinical trial.


Desmodium, the African superplant


Desmodium adscendens comes from Africa, more precisely from Ghana and Ivorian Coast. It has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant to cure asthma, digestive illnesses…

In Desmovit®, plant properties are preserved thanks to a cryogenic mill keeping all the components intact1. Only this totum form has shown effects during the clinical trial.


Lithothamnion, the red algae


Lithothamnium calcareum, commonly called Lithothamnion, is a red algae that grows in cold waters of French North Sea, Norway, Ireland… This algae looks like a coral and contains alginates and a lot of minerals like calcium or magnesium. In particular, has a high concentration of calcium carbonates (30%)2.

The chemistry of these forms explains this result. OSA and MMST are monomeric, while the other forms show varying degrees of polymerization.




Tissues Main benefits Activities

Gastrointestinal system

Increase hepatic drainage and lowers local inflammation recovering hepatic functions

Pending claim: hepatoprotective effect

Action on enzymes

Fights against GERD

Neutralizes stomach pH excess

Muscles Lowers muscle pain Restores acid-base status


A clinical trial with positive results in cancer patients

Products used during chemotherapy are very toxic for the body. Liver is an organ affected adversely by these products. Indeed, it has to treat everything that comes through the body. A wrong balance between acid – base can also happen during chemotherapy and results in undesirable effects such as pain in muscles.

Desmovit® is supported by a clinical trial3 aiming people under chemotherapy treatment. The efficacy of Desmovit® on relief from several symptoms has been tested as well as treatment of inflammatory patient state under chemotherapy.

The results have shown:

  • No interference with chemotherapy and of course pharmacological treatment
  • Improvement of pain & fatigue in head and neck cancer patients
  • Control of the inflammatory state showed by C-reactive protein levels

C-reactive protein is a very specific and early marker of inflammatory conditions, often seen in cases of cancer4.



Desmodium: a relief for the liver

Desmodium Adscendens participates in the liver well-being with5:

  • An increase of hepatic drainage
  • A diminution of transaminases (alanine-aminotransferase), marking hepatic suffering and inflammation
  • A hepatoprotective effect

Lithothamnion: the power of cold

Too much acid can result in blood being less fluid and therefore nutrients and oxygen not being distributed as they could be. A lack of oxygen can lead to lactic acid secretion in muscles and therefore muscular pain6. Minerals in lithothamnion can help restore the acid-base balance and especially the calcium carbonates content. Calcium carbonates can neutralize the stomach pH excess and therefore help with GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease)7.

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Desmovit technical data sheet

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