Our goal is to combine nature’s finest resources with our expertise to provide you with unique and personalised ingredients.


Iontec is based in Monaco and is a major international supplier of ingredients used in the formulation of functional foods and food supplements.

We combine expertise in cutting-edge technology with extensive scientific knowledge to offer high-quality, patented, innovative ingredients which are proven to be effective. 

We offer a broad range of ingredients for a multitude of health and well-being spheres (joints, cognition, sports nutrition, slimming, skin, hair and nail care) to best fulfil your needs and expectations for product innovation.

Our expertise is supplemented by close collaboration with international partners who provide additional know-how:



Sédifa Laboratoire

Pharmaceutical laboratory specialised in manufacturing medical devices and food ingredients with 40 years of expertise in silicon.

A provider of cutting-edge solutions with scientifically-proven benefits.


The world’s largest coffee cooperative with 12,000 small producers.

Top-quality, sustainably-produced coffee. 

AQIA Nutrition

Since 1984, this Brazilian company has been exploring new technology in order to develop natural, high-quality and innovative products.



Comprehensive expertise, from sourcing high-performance technical ingredients
to full support at every step of your innovation process.



Iontec has developed specific expertise in the study of resources and environmental conditions all around the world in order to select and offer innovative ingredients which fulfil your expectations for nutritional innovation.



technical ingredients

On the strength of our excellent mastery of technological processes, we supply you with unique ingredients which combine the force of nature with the technical know-how of science. Patented active ingredients and technology make your products even more unique and effective. 


Full support at every step of your innovation process

Iontec provides you with a full range of support throughout your production and development of food supplements in accordance with current regulations for the food and pharmaceutical industries from different countries around the world. Iontec adapts to fulfil your expectations in terms of nutritional requirements, claims, galenic forms and formulation. At Iontec we are always on the lookout for the market’s latest trends and we provide sound advice and guidance to help you succeed in all aspects of your innovation process.   




An international team serving your innovations.


Alaor Lino
General Director

Regina Bahou
Sales Europe

João Borba
Sales Mercosul
São Paulo



Paulo Campos
International Sales Americas


Mika Yamaguchi
Technical and marketing
São Paulo