Iontec, a partner for healthy aging

Prevent aging before it is too late

Globally, the population is ageing: United Nations estimate the population aged 60 or older will double by 2050 and triple to reach 3.1 billion people by 2100. Europe is not to be outdone, with 25% of the population over 60! Meeting the demand of this target by offering innovative and effective ingredients is one of Iontec’s missions

Living longer is one thing but staying healthy and active is another. With healthy aging, seniors seek to maintain their quality of life. This trend meets the demand of aging boomers and millennials, who are the seniors of tomorrow. Indeed, millennials are convinced of the need to maintain the body through exercise as well as through diet. According to the World Health Organization, healthy aging is the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables well-being in older age.

In the past, consumers took food supplements when the signs of aging were already being felt. From now on, they are being used as a preventive measure to keep their bodies healthy for as long as possible.

In its range of ingredient, Iontec has two major ingredients to fight ageing. Whether it is for preserving its skin or for maintaining its bone and joints strength, it is now possible to find the perfect ingredient.

Glycoless®, a solution to prevent aging induced by glycation process

Iontec has patented Glycoless®, a particularly bioavailable, stable and natural form of carnosine analogue: carcinine. Its superior resistance to enzymatic degradation compared to carnosine improves its bioavailability and therefore its efficacy. As an anti-glycation peptide, carcinine has an important role in the body. Indeed, it minimizes AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) accumulation, which leads to metabolic dysfunction and premature aging[1]. In a recent study, carcinine was shown as 7 times more effective than carnosine to fight against cell senescence induced by glycation.

Collasil®, a key range of silicon ingredient to prevent bones and joints aging

Alteration of bone and joints is one of the health concerns that has increasingly been identified. While 10 million French[2] people suffers from osteoarthritis, 31% of Americans over the age of 65 are affected by osteoarthritis[3]. Still in the trend of healthy aging, preventing bone and joints alteration would make it possible to guarantee the mobility. Therefore, it would have a positive impact on the independence of future seniors. For these reasons, Iontec has designed Collasil®: a bioavailable source of silicon boosted by collagen.

Collasil® contains both silicon and collagen, essential for connective tissues structures[4]. The action of these two components is complementary. The collagen matrix prevents silicon polymerization and allows a superior bioavailability. On the other hand, silicon is essential for our all connective tissues (bones, joints, skin). Indeed, it promotes collagen production and prevents bone breakdown and osteoarthritis. Collasil® fight loss of silicon, stimulates collagen synthesis and thus helps to maintain bones, joint and skin health.


Thus, Iontec fits perfectly into this movement of healthy ageing, with two highly technical ingredients:

  • Glycoless®, which acts on the glycation process
  • Collasil®, with its alloy of silicone and collagen

You want to know more about Iontec’s ingredients? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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