Chios Mastiha: at the heart of the Greek heritage

Have you heard about Chios Mastiha? It is the super tree Supermastic® is extracted from. This special tree has so many applications, from cosmetics to nutraceutics and even housework. Iontec went far away to get the best of Chios Mastiha in its unique ingredient: Supermastic®.

A tree coming from far away

Chios Mastiha traditionally grows on the Greek Island of Chios. Beyond its green leaves, its main interest comes from its resin. Traditionally used since the 5th century, it has been firstly used by Hippocrates for 2 main properties: digestion and breath freshener.  

The traditional Chios Mastiha resin is gently extracted from the tree in a form of tears with a sharp tool. Its average annual yield by tree is around 175g of Mastiha. Hopefully, Chios Island is fulled with Mastiha trees. It benefits from a Protected Designation of Origin label. This PDO ensures the reputation of this regional product and the conformity of its production conditions. It allows the consumer to know they have true Chios Mastiha in their hands.

Supermastic®, a unique ingredient

Supermastic® find its uniqueness in the patented technology (lien page Supermastic) used for its production. Indeed, Supermastic® is a mix of Chios Mastiha resin and Chios Mastiha dry extract. The dry extract allows a unique composition: 95% of terpenes, the main active components of the extract. Indeed, the technology used allow to concentrate Mastiha.

Beyond the 100 clinical studies lead about Chios Mastiha, 2 clinical studies dedicated to Supermastic® have shown interesting benefits such as:

  • Reduction of the permeability of the gut cells

This action is helpful to protect gut cells against biological and toxicological aggressions and can be applied in leaky gut syndrome case.

  • Reduction of the action and expression of disaccharides

This reduction allows a better control of glucose absorption, helpful with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Naturalness above all

Whether it is superplants, superfruits or supermushrooms, all have shown remarkable performance in recent years. As a proof for the naturalness importance, the large percentage of population in Europe preferring natural products with health benefits over fortified products[1]:

  • 72% of the French population
  • 71% of Germans
  • 73% of Italians
  • 72% of Spaniards

Naturalness is, beyond efficacy, a main choice criterion. More than naturalness, transparency is searched by consumers. As a matter of fact, nearly 9 in 10 consumers point to “ingredient transparency” as one of their top purchase drivers for food, beauty and household products[2]. The use of Supermastic®, coming from a supertree, is a main point for consumers’ expectations.


To conclude, let us come back to 2 elements to highlight on a food supplement packaging : efficiency and transparency. Supermastic® is an ingredient of choice: naturalness, efficacy, patented technology and storytelling, it has everything to please!


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