3 must-have on-pack elements for your differentiating food supplement

Global food supplements market is growing and is expected to reach 278.02 $Bn by 2024, with a CAGR of +9.6% from 2016 to 20241. In front of such supplements broad ranges, consumers may feel lost. Therefore, industrials should thoroughly select the elements to put on their packaging. Here are 3 complementary tracks to follow while designing a food supplement pack:

Efficiency: n°1 purchase criterion

Efficiency is an obvious buying criterion for dietary supplements consumers2. Who would want to buy an inefficient product? Therefore, betting on efficiency evidence is an interesting way to convince consumers, as well as healthcare professionals


On-pack claims are an excellent way to show product efficiency while strictly respecting your country’s regulation. Moreover, claims always must be linked to an ingredient, and should be understandable for everyone.

Clinical studies

If the efficiency of your product relies on a clinical study, key numbers can be attractive to put forward on your pack, always in compliance with regulatory constraints. They show the scientific reliability of the product and reassure consumers towards the product efficiency.


Technicity shows consumers, pharmacists and doctors the seriousness of the product. It is therefore an important item to highlight on your pack. A specific mode of action can demonstrate the product efficiency. Particular technologies like extended release should also be underlined. You can also put forward a specific patent on an ingredient or an extraction process for example.

Transparency: a way to reassure consumers

Spotlight some ingredients

Knowing that naturality is a strong buying criterion, it is very interesting to play on it. Do not hesitate to indicate the origin of the ingredients, especially if they come from a natural source, and put the accent on traceability.

Moreover, an open pack showing the product inside is a trendy way to be transparent towards the consumer.

Make the consumers dream

Create some story-telling around your ingredients: extracted from a plant only growing in a unique region of the globe, used from centuries by the Incas… Let consumers dream a bit in front of your supplements pack.

Be environment friendly

You can highlight the ingredients coming from a sustainable sector, knowing that consumers are very sensitive to social and environmental causes: organic label, local production, general environmental responsibility of the company… can be final decision criteria when choosing between 2 products.

Practicality: a must for today’s consumers

Galenic forms

To eventually attract consumers, galenic forms can make the difference. Nowadays consumers look for nomad solutions that can be used easily. Putting forward the innovative or practical galenic forms can seduce different populations: for a kid, parents will prefer gummies, for a sportsman or active people, practical and trendy galenic forms like shots are interesting.


Consumers have busy lives: between family, job, hobbies, time is precious. Therefore, they look for convenient solutions with an interesting posology. One pill a day is the ideal, and you clearly want to put this forward on your pack.

The finest ingredients from Iontec to communicate on-pack

Iontec offers branded ingredients with scientifically recognized modes of action and with some interesting backgrounds. Here are some examples:

  • Proven benefits: Collasil® OSA is based on clinical studies, showing results on wrinkle reduction (-36%), skin elasticity (+19%), or skin resistance (+58%)
  • Story-telling: Bio-Arct® comes from a red alga wildly living in the Subarctic Atlantic Zone
  • Modes of action: Osteosil® (link) has multiple actions to support healthy joints and bones and to fight against arthrosis situation
  • Patents: Glycoxyl® is a patented anti-glycation dipeptide, with a patented stabilization technology. Collasil® OSA also has a patented stabilization technology.


With these tracks, you have all the essential on-pack elements in mind. You still have one thing to decide: the name of your product and its graphic charter, key elements to create your product identity and make it easy to remember. Beyond all those elements it is also important for your pack to reflect its positioning and show its differentiating axes.




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