The mastery of coffee processing for unique ingredients

Coffee is an exotic plant that belongs to the Rubiacea family. Among dozens of species, only Arabica and Robusta have economic significance in the world market. Iontec concentrated the best of these two species to offer exclusive ingredients in collaboration with AQIA Nutrition. Let’s discover how they are extracted.


To each maturation stage its benefits

Coffee grain goes through different stages of ripeness: from green to cherry. Fruits in the green maturation have high levels of antioxidants, phenolics and xanthines (caffeine). Fruits in the cherry stage have a low level of caffeine and total phenolics but are rich in volatile compounds responsible for the aroma: they are ready to harvest for their organoleptic properties.


The life of a cherry of the Arabica Coffee1

Specific extractions for unique active compounds

Depending on the stage of maturity of coffee and on species, several extraction modes are used to obtain the different actives. Diagram just below shows the process for each specie and maturation stage.


Overview of the process of extraction from coffee grains

  • Green coffee grain from Arabica

Active compounds from green coffee grain are extracted by cold pressing. Two products are thus obtained: green coffee oil and green coffee biomass.

After purification and grinding, green coffee biomass becomes our ingredient Nutri Green Coffee: a powder rich in chlorogenic acids and caffeine which inhibits weight gain and fat accumulation, and also facilitates body weight loss.

As for green coffee oil, it contains diterpenes: cafesteol and kahweol which act to defend cells against oxidative stress, protects against DNA damage and have anti-inflammatory effect. Furthermore, its unsaturated fatty acids confer integrity to the cell membrane and help to prevent the formation of ‘Advanced Glycation End Products’ and the aging process.

 Green coffee oil generates three different ingredients:

  • Green coffee MCT: a blend of oils extracted from green beans and esters derived from coconut (triglycerides of capric and caprylic acids) which can be used in a variety of personal care formulations.
  • Green Coffee butter: a vegetal butter made with green coffee oil and special fractions of saturated vegetal triglycerides.
  • Green coffee PW: a green coffee oil microencapsulated in vegetal bio silica.


  • Cherry coffee grain from Arabica

Just like green coffee, cherry coffee grains are handled by cold pressing to generate cherry coffee oil and cherry coffee biomass.

Cherry coffee oil contains unsaponifiable matter and is concentrated in volatile compounds responsible for the aroma. Besides being used as a colorant because of its intense coloration, this oil is rich in active antioxidants that protect cells from DNA damage.

Cherry coffee oil generates also by-products: cherry coffee MCT and cherry coffee PW which have the same characteristics than the green ones.


  • Green coffee grain from Robusta

Robusta green coffee grains are grinded and then micronized to obtain Slim green coffee. This powder has a high concentration of chlorogenic acid (8-10%) and helps in weight loss and in promoting a powerful antioxidant effect. Caffeine which is also present in the powder helps to enhance physical performance during prolonged or short-term exercise.




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