A sustainably grown coffee from AQIA

Iontec collaborates with expert industries in order to offer you the finest ingredients. We chose AQIA Nutrition working with the coffee cooperative Cooxupé for our different coffee extracts due to its top-quality, sustainably-produced coffee. AQIA Nutrition and Cooxupé developed an alliance where all AQIA coffee products come from Cooxupé’s sustainable coffee grain and ingredients.


Cooxupé: a sustainable coffee cooperative

This agricultural cooperative is located in Guaxupé in the state of Minas Gerais, in the South-East of Brazil. Founded in 1932, Cooxupé successfully became the largest private coffee cooperative in the world. 97% of the cooperative members are small farmers, most of them are family business. With a fair revenue provided by Cooxupé, the production of coffee grains is the main source of income for these families.

Brazil produces nowadays 30% of the worldwide coffee production, ranking first in production and export and second in consumption. It therefore has a significant impact on the economy, the environment and the society. Fair practices during the production process are crucial to ensure a sustainable business, hence Cooxupé relies on three key bases : environmental compliance, full traceability and high-quality controls. Cooxupé has an organizational culture based on a set of values, beliefs and norms guided by ethics, transparency and strong integrity standards.



Environmental liability

The environment is central in Cooxupé’s educational programs dispensed to the farmers. The trainings raise awareness of environmental concerns and give sustainable techniques so that farmers can use them for a sustainable handling of their fields and for the preservation of natural resources. Cooxupé also supports actions promoting a harmonious coexistence between the farmers and the environment.


Integral traceability

Coffee grains from Cooxupé are constantly traced to ensure transparency from the inputs during crop stage to the origin of the grains. The cooperative invested in cutting-edge information technology processes to guarantee the total traceability of the production. All the coffee chain is perfectly controlled with all the best possible care.


High-quality controls

Cooxupé’s Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with the latest modern technology and all the controls are supervised by highly trained professionals. They receive coffee samples to run analysis and code them before commercialization.


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