The In & Out programs, a successful marketing strategy

An In & Out program consists in the association of a food supplement, providing a long-term efficiency, with a cosmetic product, which provides an immediate effect. More than a simple association of products, this strategy is a reliable driver of customer experience optimization, while offering interesting communication opportunities.


1 benefit, 2 complementary products

(IN) The food supplement guarantees the offer of a wide-range of benefits on the medium to long-term scale. Its active ingredients can relieve the symptoms all from the inside and maintain an interesting action efficiency.

(OUT) The cosmetic is a topical care that offers consumers an outside active solution. It generally supports the food supplement efficiency on the short-term scale, giving consumers a more immediate satisfaction.


In & Out: a pledge of efficiency for consumers 

Mainly proposed to consumers for nutricosmetics applications (skin, hair and nails), In & Out programs also extend to other segments of food supplements market, such as weight management, bone and joint health, menopause and back pain.

Anti-hair loss has a great potential when it comes to an In & Out strategy. In such a competitive market, adding a lotion or an oil with an innovative ingredient can be a good lever of differentiation.

Still on the beauty market, waiting for the effect of an anti-aging product can be long for consumers. Actually, they use an anti-aging product more to slow the skin aging than to make disappear their wrinkles overnight. To maximize this slowing down of skin aging, adding a food supplement to a cosmetic, such as an antioxidant and moisturizing cream, would act from the inside directly on their specific cells, to limit the wrinkling.

Concerning slimming benefit, consumers would tend more to buy an anti-cellulite food supplement with a slimming roll-on to massage the targeted body part. The perceived efficiency is more immediate than a simple cure with a food supplement.

The In & Out program would be also beneficial on the bone and joint health. A cold gel would have an immediate action to relieve pain, whereas the food supplement would limit the inflammation from the inside. Such complementary products could appeal consumers, prone to be affected by bone and joint problems. In this context, Iontec offers a specific ingredient, called Osteosil, intended to compose a food supplement with an anti-inflammatory activity.


An easier communication: the In & Out strategy’s best asset

The power of the In & Out strategy comes from the more flexible regulation on cosmetics, in contrast to the restrictive claims authorized for the food supplement industry.

Beauty or health benefits will be highlighted by the properties of the cosmetic product, sold in the same batch than the food supplement, turning them into a marketing pitch.

Thus, the In & Out program is a real opportunity to communicate more broadly on the benefits of the products association, by emphasizing the differentiation, the efficiency maximization and the better perception of the action effects, allowed by this duo.



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