Nutricosmetics: consumer expectations around the world

Nutricosmetics are beauty products which are ingested – food, beverages and food supplements – for healthier skin, nails and hair. Biological actions for the skin include anti-ageing, protection, sun protection and hydration. 

Consumer expectations in terms of beauty differ from one country to another. They vary according to the customs and traditions of each country but nevertheless reveal similarities for various criteria. The overall importance of appearance varies between populations: for example Brazilian women are very concerned with beauty, whereas German women prefer a rather natural look.

Hydration and anti-ageing: primary beauty concerns

In general, the most important beauty expectations for skin care are hydration and anti-ageing.

For Japanese women, who do not perceive old age as a deterioration of the body, having hydrated skin is more important than using anti-ageing products. The same is true for English, German and Spanish women1. In China, the effects of pollution have triggered strong interest in skin hydration.

Anti-ageing products are now used preventatively from an early age especially amongst white Americans and Italians2, who seek a luminous complexion and perfect, flawless and wrinkle-free skin. In the United States 57% of Millennials and 68 % of Generation X use anti-ageing products daily3. Demand is much lower for the ethnic population of the United States as a result of their skin type. In France, women prefer multi-functional products which, in addition to anti-wrinkle properties, must also guarantee a healthy glow and elasticity. For Brazilian women, plastic surgery has replaced anti-ageing products. English and German women are comfortable with their age and readily accept the effects of ageing.

Unanimous preference for natural, organic products

The majority of consumers share an interest for products which are natural and organic as well as effective, supported by scientific proof and possibly an endorsement from health professionals. Chinese women do not depart from tradition in their reliance on natural ingredients for a perfect complexion.

Hair: an important physical feature requiring care

Hair products represent a large part of the beauty products market for the ethnic population of the United States, since these products play a role in an individual’s identity4. Hair is also an important physical feature for Brazilian and Spanish women who are avid users of these products as well.
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